We’re looking for people who want to work for no one …but themselves and their customers.

Liberty franchisees are an exclusive group. Our fanatical customer service keeps clients coming to our offices.

We are forward thinkers embracing proven marketing plans, working seasonally and connecting through cutting-edge social communications. We’re high profile. Low investment. Family oriented. And taking the lead in customer service.
The seasonality of the business really appealed to us. It meant that Heather could still stay at home with the children - and that we would have greater freedom in the off-season.
- Jerel Thomasello, Liberty Tax Franchisee

No Tax Experience? No Worries.

As a Liberty Tax franchise owner, you’ll have a proven system to follow that was 45 years in the making. Our franchisees have access to hundreds of years of managerial experience, tax industry expertise and street-savvy marketing.

Keep Your Day Job-If You Want To.

Our franchisees work really hard for 4 months then spend the rest of the year pursuing other interests. Many of our current franchisees, have kept their day jobs.

We’ll Take You To Our Leader.

We are led by International Franchise Association Entrepreneur of the Year, John T. Hewitt. As Liberty’s CEO and Founder he has weathered more than 45 tax seasons. He’s seen the trends. He knows what’s coming. He even worked with two of those other tax prep companies. Based on his wealth of experience, Hewitt has led Liberty to open 4,400 offices in just 17 years–more than three times faster than any tax company–EVER. And Hewitt shares his insight with his franchisees, as a hands-on CEO, hosting conference calls, seminars and personally answering his e-mails.

Low Initial Costs

The Liberty Tax franchise investment is one of the most affordable out there. It is simply a fact that Liberty Tax start-up costs are lower than many other franchises on Entrepreneur magazine’s list of the "Top 500 Franchises". A seasonal workforce keeps overhead lower than nearly any other industry. Being a service-based operation, there is little inventory. No worries about inventory loss. All you need is between $57,800-$71,900 in liquid capital to invest in your new business.